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Teaching System·Middle school courses

Wisdom English carries out stratification teaching, and the students will finish learning basic knowledge of 3 years within 2 years. In the second summer vacation of middle school, it starts a general review for High School Entrance Examination.

Target students: middle school students
Teaching forms: Sino-foreign cooperation teaching model
Textbooks: Selections of New Concept English, original English textbooks, self-developed textbooks & materials, key contents of Question Bank of Wisdom English School

Curriculum setting: a fine training course for High School Entrance Examination for Grade One students, an intensive training course for High School Entrance Examination for Grade Two students, an intensive revision course for High School Entrance Examination for Grade Three students

Teaching contents
1、The consolidation and improvement of the focal and difficult points in textbooks
2、Self-developed textbooks&materials for High school entrance examination by Wisdom English examination research center
3、Selecting the essence of New Concept English to be a part of the systematical lecture contents
4、Being closely linked to the key points of high school entrance examination with the targeted exercise of each class
5、Periodical listening and speaking classes by foreign teachers
6、Every semester, Wisdom English School will help the students have a general review before the midterm and final examinations

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