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period of schooling:6years

I started learning English here when I was in my first year of junior high school. At that time I was not good at English and had little faith in myself. As a newcomer, I felt really nervous and thought it would be a challenge for me to fit in.

However, the atmosphere here was exceptionally active, which obviously helps to boost my confidence and improve my English day by day.

In addition, Wisdom English provides us with all kinds of ways to learn English. For example, the teacher will show us a video in English without subtitles, and ask us to imitate the accent, figure out the hidden meaning of certain expressions and gain a better understanding of the foreign culture.

As far as I am concerned, Wisdom English School not only teaches us how to excel in taking exams, but also helps us learn English like a native speaker. Most importantly, it gives me the chance to make a number of new friends.

But for Wisdom English School I wouldn't have got such good grades in my college entrance examination.

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