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period of schooling:9years

Hello everyone. I’m Xie Yuner. My English name is Molly. I’m currently a new senior1 student in Hangzhou High School. I feel so gold that I get an opportunity to share my English learning experience with you.

I got 118 in the High School Entrance Exam. Today I’m here to talk about my way of learning English. I hope I’m able to inspire you to some degree.

First, accumulating. English is a language. Vocabulary is the basis. Either a passage or a sentence is built by words. Accumulating seems to be more important than anything else in English learning. But how to accumulate? Accumulating is a long and hard period. It requires patience and perseverance. Remembering and reciting both play important roles in English learning. It’s necessary to both focus on textbooks and after-school vocabularies. Underline new words while reading where’s no book with you, and keep record every new words you’ve met. Review them every day.

Second, forming your own learning system. English has its own disciplines and rules. Based on the vocabularies, put together different structures and makes up different patterns. Find the way to manage one rule. You’ll find all the English rules are regular. So, find your ideal and the correct way to remember each of them. Forming your own learning system means you’ve found your way of learning English. It’ll make English learning much easier.

Third, being persistent. Being persistent is not easy while quitting is such a simple thing to do. However, persistence helps you laugh last. For example, if you remember 5 words everyday, you’ll manage 150 words every month, then 1825 words every year.

Last but not least, being confident. Confidence inspires you, encourages you, fulfills your potential. Make full use of your ability and seize the opportunity of all time. Every good opportunity is worth striving. Don’t neglect any new word, any new structure or any great chance. Every little thing counts.

In a word, I’m thankful for being given this precious opportunity to share my English learning experience with you. I wish all of you can make progress in further English learning. Thank you! 

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